Lake Park, NC

Lake Park, a village in northwest Union County, is 15 miles from downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.  Villagers have built a variety of homes here: GazeboAndClocktowertraditional single-family homes, care-free patio homes, condominiums, and townhomes.

Lake Park’s landmark, a chiming clocktower, overlooks this beautiful village with churches, schools, shops, offices, and a community center.  Three parks, 2 swimming pools, a wading pool, a “feature pool”, 2 tennis courts, 6 playgrounds, and 13 ponds provide plentiful recreation and entertainment.  Unique monuments and gazebos identify the neighborhoods.  Pathways and tree-lined sidewalks connect them all, inviting residents and guests to enjoy the outdoors and each other.

Come see all that Lake Park has to offer and why it is much more than a neighborhood – it’s a home town.


Parks & Recreation Openings
Two volunteer commissioners terms expire in February.  Parks & Recreation oversees the Village public areas and facilities and also sponsors Lake Park events such as the celebration on July Fourth and the Chili Cook-off.  Contact David Cleveland, Fabion Szarko or Cheri Clark if you are interested in applying for a 3-year position.

The Lake Park Village Council passed two proposed amendments to sections 11.2.8 and 11.6.3 of the Village of Lake Park Unified Development Ordinance.  The amendment to Section 11.2.8 is intended to clarify the authority granted by the UDO for the Ordinance Administrator to remove illegally placed signs on Village property, or within the right-of-way of public streets.  The amendment to Section 11.6.3 is intended to clarify the types of signs that are prohibited to be placed on property owned by the Village of Lake Park or within the right-of-way of a public street.  

Lake Park Unified Development Ordinance
Proposed Text Changes to Lake Park’s UDO

Village of Lake Park as a 
“Purple Heart City in the State of North Carolina”
Chapter 634 of The Military Order of the Purple Heart has proclaimed our Village of Lake Park a “Purple Heart City.”
Link to Full Proclamation